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Created in Montreal, Groupe SAGE Consulting is a dynamic and innovative consulting firm. Surrounded by an international community of experts, we collaborate with agility across borders to support organizations in understanding, planning and implementing their people and organization development projects.





Our Approach

Achieving your goals

By placing your organization's culture at the center of our approach, we recognize its profound impact on individual and collective performance. We assist our clients in pinpointing the cultural dynamics that influence the achievement of their strategic objectives.

Engaging Your Teams

Corporate culture encompasses the identity, values, and behaviors of the members of the organization, setting the tone for everything undertaken within. We help our clients create a strong cultural alignment, where everyone shares a common vision and understanding of challenges and opportunities.

Propelling Your Organization

An organization's culture constantly evolves, either intentionally or spontaneously. We assist our clients shape a culture that allows them to leverage collective intelligence to adapt to change and foster innovation.



For your employees

Development, Employee Experience, Well-being

For your teams

Cohesion, Alignment, Performance

For your organizations

Culture, Diagnosis, Client Approach

Making a Difference,
One Conversation at a Time

Our Team

Camille Francoeur-Marquis

Director, Organizational Development
Camille, a Director of Organizational Development at Groupe Sage Consulting, holds a Ph.D. in Work and Organizational Psychology. With a focus on making a real impact on employees’ daily lives, she continually seeks to understand the levers organizations can use to promote well-being, engagement, and employee performance.

Guylaine Levert

Senior Director, Customer Experience and Talent Development
As a Senior Director at Groupe Sage Consulting, Guylaine brings a wealth of experience in guiding individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. Her primary objectives include optimizing relationships with our clients and colleagues to drive organizations towards more inclusive and compassionate cultures.

Jessica Bérard

Director, Organizational Development
As a Doctoral student in Work and Organizational Psychology and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Montreal, Jessica serves as the Director of Organizational Development at Groupe Sage Consulting. She leverages her expertise in numerous cultural transformation projects and the organization of international seminars.

Daniel Lacombe

Founder and Senior Partner
As the founder and senior partner of Groupe Sage Consulting, Daniel has been assisting management teams in overcoming the most complex challenges of growth, organizational transformation, and leadership development for over 30 years.


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